What is a raised floor?

Raised floor (also known as smart floor, technical floor) is a type of floor that helps to create a space between the floor slabs and the concrete floor thanks to the raised base system. A special feature is that the floor panels can be optionally surface and core materials. That is, users can choose the most suitable type of floor depending on the purpose of use. Here is the structure of both the system and a raised floor slab for a better overview.

Raised floors are no longer too strange in Vietnam and are very popular in the construction industry. Especially favored by builders because of the usefulness that other materials do not have. The following article will introduce an overview of raised floors and the effects that make it popular in our country.

The whole system of raised floors: Consists of a network of metal frames or bases that help raise the floor slabs to an arbitrary height. The height of the floor creates space to make it easier to run wires or install equipment below.

Raised slab: The usual size is 60 x 60 cm. There are two main types of floor slabs: monolithic raised floor slabs and vented raised floor panels. These panels are usually made with core materials of aluminum, cement, wood, mineral fiber. Can be left bare or covered with finishing materials on the surface, some of the main materials are vinyl coated, HPL coated, powder coated iron (OA).

Effect of raised floor?

All types of raised floors have the main effect of reducing the need for electrical wiring that can make repairs difficult. In addition, each different type of floor has its own effect.

  • With monolithic raised floor: Each surface material has a different effect, with powder coated iron surface often coupled with a cement core to provide excellent bearing capacity. Vinyl coated raised floors help to eliminate static electricity, used with clean rooms and electronics production rooms. The HPL coating provides additional noise resistance, which can be used in high-end meeting rooms.
  • With vented raised floor: With the addition of small holes spread evenly, this type of raised floor allows to install additional air conditioning system below the floor. This is considered a perfect alternative to traditional wall-mounted air conditioners when it comes to higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

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