Why is it necessary to install an Environmental Monitoring system for the server room?

  • The server room equipment is of high value, and needs to be up and running 247.
  • The server room equipment system is electronic components that require a cool and dry operating environment. They are very prone to problems if the environment is not secure.
  • Our climate in Vietnam is tropical humid monsoon. Too much humidity is dangerous without warning.
  • The server room is like the central nervous system that transmits data to the whole system. The server room only stops for 1 second, what happens?

For Data Center Security and Data Center Safety: rack and machine room level sensors provide essential protection for the data center high density, Immediate notification of fluctuations in temperature, humidity, power and other hazards will record exactly what happened.

We are ready to provide a dedicated monitoring and security solution for server rooms to be able to:

  • Monitor the environment by readings: temperature, humidity, dust and other physical and environmental threats
  • Quickly install sensor bases on racks without the use of installation tools.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) option reduces cabling to dedicated wall-mounted devices.
  • Different types of alerts allow sending of notifications via SNMP administration, e-mail systems, Web servers, phones and messaging devices.
  • Monitor for leaks under raised platform with wire or liquid point sensor.
  • Control access to server room with smart technology

The system includes: a specialized monitoring device, environmental sensors, color cameras, integrated software that assesses the danger level of threats and gives warnings, and a messaging device. In addition, when monitoring devices are used in conjunction with a central station, IT operators can communicate, configure, manage, store, and provide analysis based on data received from hundreds of users. dedicated equipment in a decentralized system.

Dedicated monitoring devices give unprecedented visibility into every nook and cranny of the data center, avoiding the need to manually check the environmental status of the room and machine rack. Whether you need to know the temperature in the rack in the next room or the humidity of a place 100km away.

Access Control system with magnetic card and dedicated card reader / fingerprint reader makes it tighter to control people entering and exiting the server room thanks to the feature of storing events when entering / leaving the machine room as well as automatically data integration with other monitoring systems and the ability to notify system administrators.

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