UPS APC Online 3000VA, 6000VA is an affordable solution for power storage for medical devices

  • The testing of cells and samples today plays an increasingly important role in the medical examination and treatment process; Thanks to the results of careful analysis from the cells in the patient’s body, doctors can detect many dangerous diseases, early detect dangerous pathogens that conventional medical examination and treatment methods cannot detect. can out. Therefore, special equipment with high technology and great value will always have strict requirements on users and maintenance.

Some features of the tester

  • These are special devices, applying high technology to ensure the most accurate analysis results.
  • As a power supply sensitive device, there are quite strict requirements for input power parameters.
  • These devices are mostly imported at high cost from abroad because Vietnam has not yet been able to produce them.
  • The cost of repairing the damage of this equipment is quite large, or it may not be repaired because our country’s equipment repair techniques have not met the actual needs.

Causes of the risk of damage to testing equipment:

  • There are many causes for the failure of the tester such as:
  • Poor infrastructure: environmental humidity, dust, poor storage quality…
  • Using the wrong procedure.
  • One of the most important factors is that the input power supplied to these devices is unstable. Because these devices are high-tech devices, there are strict requirements for input power, so even a very small deviation in the power supply parameters can cause serious effects. very heavy losses.

Risks due to electrical problems for testing machines:

  • Interrupting the testing and analysis process, slowing down the examination and treatment process.
  • Unstable current leads to erroneous results for the patient, affects the reputation of the hospital, and more importantly, threatens the patient’s life.
  • The power supply is short, causing this equipment to be damaged, costly to repair and buy a new one.

UPS APC solution for testers:

  • UPS UPS produced by APC using Online double Conversion and Auto Voltage Regulation with a capacity of 3000VA or more is the most suitable choice for both voltage stability and low voltage. device protection since the output current is a standard sine wave.
  • Using UPS APC 10KVA Online for Olympus AU400 Chemistry Analyzer
  • This UPS is the most effective solution and is being used commonly in many hospitals in Vietnam today.