Did you know?

  • Every day there are about 8 million lightning bolts worldwide.
  • The tallest structure is the most likely contact point during a lightning strike.
  • Isolated structures over large, flat areas can attract lightning,
  • Although some structures are more likely to attract lightning, lightning is completely unpredictable

Destroy electronic equipment

Voltage spikes can enter your home through a direct, or indirect, lightning strike. Direct lightning strikes occur when lightning strikes directly through a building, often causing serious damage and fire. Indirect lightning strikes occur when lightning strikes the adjacent ground, or electrical lines directly connected to the house. When this happens, any electronic or connected devices may be destroyed.

Think it again. Even if you did loop a lightning rod, that might not be enough. Lightning rods can direct lightning around the outside of a structure, but part of the overvoltage can still enter a building’s circuitry and damage any electronic equipment not covered by the SPD. .

Today, surge protection is essential in many signaling systems. From the voice line to the network line, because the consequences of lightning surges cause a lot of damage to network equipment, as well as affect human life. But choosing which  manufacturer of lightning protection equipment  is the concern of consumers.

With many years of experience in the industry, plus available potential, brand lightning protection equipment APC by Schneider is always the usual choice. customer’s frequency in lightning protection for signal lines. The perfect and versatile solution, APC’s surge arresters have surge arresters for one or more network or voice lines.

Your network or voice will be safe if you use  lightning devices from APC by Schneider. From protecting the signal line is always in a clean state, filtering dirty noise as well as deeper is safer for your network equipment such as switchboard, computer, switch…

Choosing APC’s lightning protection device is the right choice that you are looking for. Use APC equipment to make the lightning protection system of the buildings perfect as well as safe from the harsh weather.

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