1. What is the concept of rack cabinets?

Rack cabinet, also known as Network Cabinet, is a device used to attach devices to the cabinet frame, and is quite commonly used in network systems to protect and centralize devices such as Routers, Switches, Devices. load balancer, Gateway, firewall device, UPS, ODF optical distribution box, Patch Panel, etc. to help minimize the impact from the external environment, optimize space usage and ease manage.
Rack cabinets are manufactured according to 19-inch standards with the main material being steel or corrugated iron with a thickness of 1.2mm – 1.5mm, using CNC cutting technology to create cabinets with high accuracy in size. Besides, this device is often coated with a powder coating to make it more aesthetically pleasing and durable. Thanks to standardized manufacturing, when you know the size of the appliance to fit in your cabinet, you can be sure it will fit in your cabinet.

The main information of the rack that we need to pay attention to.

  • Unit U : indicates how many units can be mounted in the cabinet.
  • Cabinet width : shows how much space we have on the sides of the cabinet.
  • Depth : indicates how long can the cabinet be fitted with appliances – However we need to know the installation dimensions.
  • Payload : indicates total volume of equipment that can be placed in the cabinet.

Rack cabinets are currently classified into the following main types:

– Server rack cabinet

– Open rack cabinets (Open rack)

– Wall-mounted rack cabinets,…

We will easily encounter rack equipment in light electrical works systems, network systems, camera systems or in professional server rooms, large-scale data centers, etc. ..

2. What types of racks are there?

Server Rack (network cabinet to place servers – servers)

Server rack cabinets have a simple structure but bring surprising results. As a rectangular block, they are surrounded by four corrugated iron (steel) plates covered with a layer of powder coating.

The two panels on the front and back of the cabinet are designed in the form of a grid, with this design will help the air inside the cabinet to be more airy, which will help the device discharge a certain amount of heat, and also give managers a certain vision.

In addition, in the  server cabinets there is also a cooling fan system installed, combined with the air outlet holes of the cabinet will always ensure that the device is cooled and operated stably. this type of cabinet is a closed space, and has a lock to prevent intrusion and influence from external environmental factors. These types of cabinets are usually relatively large in size such as  36U network cabinet, 42U network cabinet, 55U network cabinet.

Wallmount Rack (wall mounted network cabinet)

Wall-mounted network cabinets are often used in rooms with limited space and with a small number of network devices. There are two main types of wall-mounted network cabinets:  6U network cabinets and  10U network cabinets, with 2 main color systems being sand white and dark gray. Below are pictures of the 2 types of cabinets mentioned above.

Open Rack (open network cabinet)

Open Rack aka Open Frame Rack, Open C Rack. Open rack includes cabinet frame system, without front door, back door and surrounding sides. Thus, the design of Open rack will be much simpler than conventional rack cabinets. Connecting to new devices, expanding the path of cables, replacing modems or maintaining and repairing servers will also be much faster and simpler.

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